Standard and Custom Attachments Available

      UNIMOVE, LLC is the original US manufacturer of ergonomic vacuum tube lifters. Standard and custom attachments are offered for a wide variety of material handling applications. UNIMOVE’s systems are superior in quality, durability, and reliability to any other lifter on the market, and offer the highest lifting capacities in the industry for both porous and non-porous loads. UNIMOVE’s recent introduction of the copolymer resin RHINO Tube represents a significant improvement in overall quality and performance in the life of the lift tube. All UniMove® units are constructed of 304 grade stainless steel, and at very competitive pricing. While repetitive lifting of bags, boxes, pails, drums, and sheet stock represent the primary market for UniMove vacuum lift systems, UNIMOVE’s unmatched experience allows us the versatility to respond with unique solutions for handling many unusual objects.  We offer custom designed vacuum feet or mechanical attachments, which can also be used in unison as well as many other options to suit specific lifting requirements. The UniMove can operate continuously, and typically accommodates 6-10 moves per minute.   UNIMOVE holds multiple patents in the development of this technology and continues to dedicate extensive resources to expanding the capabilities of this equipment. UNIMOVE’s qualified servicing dealer network offer solutions for all varieties of lifting applications.  They provide excellent local customer service with on-site demonstrations, installation, training and spare parts. ________________________________________________________________________________ Adjustable Docking Station, P/N 6245. Will fit either 5″ or 7″ UniMove Control heads. All Stainless. Vertical or horizontal mount.

Adjustable Docking Station, P/N 6250:  Will fit either 5″ or 7″ Control Head. All Stainless, vertical mount.


360 degree bottom Swivel, for 5″ or 7″ mount.  To rotate lifted object under the Control Head, without rotating the controls.

_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 90 degree Bottom Swivel for manual rotation of products from Vertical to Horizontal


Quick Change Adaptors; allow fast exchange of differing suction foot types


Two-Way Divertor Valve, P/N 2270;  Allows operation of two (2) Lift Tube Assemblies from a single Power Unit


Bleeder Valve, P/N 5826;  Allows air flow back to pump to modulate the controls when lifting light loads

A few UniMove options:

  • Adjustable Docking Station *
  • 360° bottom swivel *
  • 90° Angle Adaptor *
  • Quick Change Adaptors *
  • 2-Way Diverter Valve *
  • Bleeder Valve *
  • Heavy Duty Cyclonic Filter (Shown in “Filters” tab)
  • Extended or Articulated Handles

*  Pictured Below

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