UniMove’s controls are ergonomically designed to eliminate lifting related back injuries, and to minimize operator fatigue, especially in the wrist, in repetitive lifting tasks. We have designed the UniMove with hand controls that are fully adjustable and in an orientation that promotes a healthy wrist angle throughout the lifting range.

  • Control handle easily adjusts to accommodate all hand sizes.
  • Straight hand position to minimize wrist rotation.
  • Specially designed hand rest distributes forces evenly across operator’s palm.
  • Thumb rests eliminate uncomfortable pinch grip.
  • Effortless ball bearing 360 degree top rotation.
  • Naturally angled side handle  grips.
  • Control design naturally positions vacuum lifter load safely away from operator’s body.
  • Cushioned control surface to absorb vibration and temperature changes.

    Automatic Balance Control is one of the ergonomic features of a vacuum lifter that is unique to the UniMove.  Whether the lifter has no load, or for any weight load up to the maximum capacity, the UniMove can be immediately and automatically balanced at any height within the low and high lift range limits.

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