Power Units

Hi-Capacity Belt Drive & Enclosed Power Units


Hi-Capacity Belt Drive Power Unit, Cover off

CM450/470 Direct Drive Power Unit

CM450-470 pump 001

Enclosed Power Unit

The UniMove enclosed, pulley driven power units operate at >5,000 rpm.  This speed on the hi-capacity compressors is nearly 50% greater than a direct drive Power Unit operating at 3450 rpm.  The end result is far greater capability to compensate for air loss in highly porous loads.

All Power Units operate at approximately 74 – 75 dbA.  To reduce this sound level, hi-temp exhaust hose can be clamped to Outlet/Exhaust pipe and directed away from the operating area.

Exhaust on Direct Drive Power Unit can be as shown, or positioned parallel to the Inlet pipe below the motor.

Direct Drive Power Unit:
CM450/CM470 operate at 10 – 12 in. Hg

Enclosed Power units:
– CM500/CM700/CM1000 operate at 16 – 18 in. Hg

– CM750/CM1400/CM3000 operate at 18 – 20 in. Hg

All Power Units are supported by 1.25″ rubber feet.  If the Power Unit is in a washdown area, mount it above floor level on a shelf or platform.

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