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UNIMOVE has dealers throughout the USA and in many other countries. Recognized UniMove dealers are also experienced in specifying the appropriate overhead crane support needed to complement the UniMove Lifter. Contact us to direct you to your local dealer.

UniMove has standard vacuum feet that handle most bags, cartons, drums, and pails. In many cases custom feet are required, or an evaluation of the product must be made by UNIMOVE. If you have a product that requires a special design with vacuum pads, or a mechanical end-effecter, arrange with your local dealer to send a sample to our testing facility in Palmerton, PA. We will design a solution and, in many cases, provide you with a video illustrating that solution.

If your carton has a capacity label on the bottom, look for the Gross Weight Limit… GWL. If the GWL of the carton is equal to or greater than your load weight, then the UniMove should be able to safely handle the load.

If the GWL for your carton is less than the actual weight of your load, then the flaps will likely deform under the UniMove suction feet, or they will be too porous, allowing too much air through the flaps, defeating the vacuum pump capabilities.

Evaluating lifting applications in your workplace requires a trained dealer to properly integrate the correct UniMove system and an overhead crane into your work area.  Specific height restrictions due to overhead obstructions might need to be considered.  The height of the crane’s trolley saddle determines how high you can elevate your product.

A trained dealer will also view your product mix and determine the proper capacity UniMove lifter, and appropriate end effecters. If for some reason there is no dealer, contact UNIMOVE for assistance, specifying the proper lifter for your product. Most UniMove dealers offer installation services. Finally, the local dealer is responsible for supervised start-up, training of your operators, and future service.

Your dealer will represent one of the many excellent overhead crane manufacturers. They can offer:

  •  Wall or column mounted jibs, and articulating jibs
  •  Column or ceiling supported bridge cranes.

Most applications can use a 250# or 500# capacity, light weight crane that allows easy lateral movement in the workplace for the operator.

The UniMove is constructed of 304 stainless steel.  Standard suction feet have stainless bodies and black neoprene gaskets,  or blue vinyl gaskets with aluminum bodies.  The lift tube is a chemically inert polyolefin copolymer providing up to 1 million flexes.  All this makes UniMove suitable for washdowns and assures long life in dirty or corrosive environments. Stainless Steel is best for Food and Pharmaceutical facilities.

Yes, very easy.  You will occasionally need a replacement air filter or replacement gaskets, but the standard stainless steel construction allows for decades of dependable performance.

The UniMove yellow ‘Rhino’  lift tube is actually a 5” or 7” diameter high-tensile ‘Slinky’, totally enclosed in a thermoplastic copolymer resin with a ‘hinge’ design that will allow for years of use. This new tube construction is far superior in life and performance to the old neoprene impregnated cloth tubes.

UniMove is made in Palmerton, PA and it is the original US made vacuum lifter since 1989.

  • Automatic Balance control which allows the operator to position any weight load at any vertical level desired… with no weight attached or with any varying weight up to the UniMove capacity.
  • Safety Valve integrated into the Top Swivel, allowing the load to safely and gently lower to the ground in the event of an electrical outage.
  • The UniMove’s Top Swivel allows for continuous 360° rotation in the horizontal plane.
  • With the 90° Angle adaptor you can rotate loads from vertical to horizontal.

Much like the hose attachment on your home vacuum cleaner. UniMove’s 5” or 7” diameter lift tube is actually a flexible column for holding a column of vacuum, which in turn creates a superb grip on product surfaces.  When the suction pads cover your load and the operator closes the control valve, the vacuum level increases inside the tube, and atmospheric pressure actually pushes the load upwards as the column of air contracts with increasing vacuum levels.  As the operator opens the progressive valve, air is bled into the lift tube system, reducing the vacuum level and the load relaxes downward at a very controllable rate.

An operator can raise and lower loads at extremely fast speeds. Moving laterally is a bit slower on any crane. We generally suggest 6 – 10 moves/min.

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