• Efficient handling of sheets
  • Increase employee retention
  • Minimize damaged goods
  • Safe and user-friendly controls
  • Proudly made in the USA


Handling sheets of wood, metal, glass and plastic is easy and efficient with UniMove sheet lifters. Everyone can lift and tilt big sheets, powered by vacuum technology.

UniMove offers a sheet lifter for every step of your processing operations. You can easily grip sheets with suction cups that have been designed for specifically handling wood, metal, glass, laminate and other types of sheets.


  • Lift heavy plastic or laminate sheets
  • Tilt glass and windows safely
  • Handle metal sheets effortlessly
  • Safely rotate wood sheets
  • High-speed handling up to 900 lbs

Vacuum technology is the ideal solution for securely lifting heavy sheets, without the risk of damaging them or the person doing the lifting. A vacuum sheet lifter allows the operator to pick up sheets in no time, quickly lifting and moving them in place with a simple grip on the ergonomic handle.

  • Cost-effective stacking and palletizing
  • Heavy lifting of all types of sheet materials
  • CNC loading and unloading

Great ROI

Sheet lifting that normally required two people can easily become a one person job when implementing a UniMove sheet lifter into your workflow. Tilting or rotating sheets can be back-breaking work too, but our sheet lifters are ergonomic and safe, making the task at hand effortless. By strengthening your workforce and increasing staff flexibility, you will secure continuous productivity in your business.



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