• Lift up to 300 lbs (non-porous) or 225 lbs (porous)
  • Proudly Made in the USA
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Patented Automatic Balance Control
  • USDA Approved and Washdown Ready
  • Local Dealer Network


Lift Tube Assembly

The UniMove’s top swivel, control head, suction feet and all internal metal components are standard in stainless steel. This allows for sustained performance, appearance, and years of reliable operation. The ball bearing supported top swivel allows for 360° effortless rotation. The UniMove’s new RhinoTube™ is highly visible “safety yellow” which is most appropriate for moving equipment in the workplace.  The lift tube is a Copolymer resin extruded over hi-tensile steel reinforcing wire. The puncture resistant tube provides up to 1 million flexes. It is highly resistant to all chemicals, making it is excellent for ‘washdown’ areas, and has an operating range of -30° to +240°F.

Lifting Controls

The UniMove’s patented progressive control valve design provides an effortless “in and out” stroke with fingertip control. The design enables a “neutral” wrist position at all levels of lift.  Competitive systems have a stroke which can require a severe rotation of the operator’s wrist at certain levels in order to reach the release position.  This repetitive motion can cause wrist discomfort. The UniMove control handle is adjustable to allow for use with many size hands and has a PVC cushion.  The Teflon coated valve can’t stick, and each stroke of the control valve is self-wiping and self-cleaning.

Automatic Balance Control

UniMove is the only vacuum lifter with ‘automatic balance control’. It allows the operator to immediately suspend/hover any weight at any level desired, in the total range of ‘Up/Down’ travel, simply by releasing the control handle at the desired level.  Competitive units have an adjustment system that only allows a single weight to hang at one, predetermined level. If a different weight product is lifted, it will suspend at a different level, so adjustments have to be reset each time to reach a single desired level.

Power Unit

UniMove is the only vacuum lift tube system with a standard enclosure, with noise levels at 74 dBA, and provides added protection to the most expensive components of the system.  It also minimizes accidental employee contact with the hot surface temperatures of the motor and pump. Our high capacity power unit delivers the highest vacuum and air flow levels in the industry.

Capacity Rating

The UniMove CM750 is the highest capacity single lift tube system at 300 Lbs.  The UniMove dual tube units have capacities up to 650 Lbs., and the triple tube unit is rated to 1,000 Lbs.. Two (2) standard lift tube sizes interchanged with (3) different power unit configurations results in (8) distinct system capacities. Unimove’s superior, engineered design provides for the most efficient use of available air flow.

Local Dealer Service

Local UniMove Dealers are responsible for start-up, operator training, and knowledgeable future service. This assures long-term satisfaction with our product, and your investment.  UniMove Dealers are experienced in servicing vacuum lifting systems, and the overhead crane systems needed to complement the UniMove.



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