• Efficient handling of rolls
  • Increase employee retention
  • Minimize damaged goods
  • Safe and user-friendly controls
  • Proudly made in the USA


Depending on the sizes involved, and the material(s) of the rolls being lifted, there are a few options one can utilize to safely lift rolls.   

Suction Pads: When the roll’s diameter is sufficient so that pads can fit on them, this is our most typical solution. The pads can either be curved to fit the surface area of the roll, or multiple pads can be used and spaced out to create enough suction for lift.

Probe: When pads are not suitable, or if the application is better served by it, a probe can be created for the rolls. The probe is inserted into the center of the roll, and the roll is lifted from that.

Vertical Lift: If there is no porosity, and suitable space on the interior of the roll, the roll can be lifted vertically, using pads placed on the inside of the roll.



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