Packaging and Palletizing: Packaging and palletizing food products safely and efficiently can easily be accomplished with UniMove’s vast range of material handling equipment that is designed specifically for any industry.

Order Picking: Are you picking orders in a large facility? Obtain a cost effective workflow by using a mobile vacuum lifter in your work space. This will allow an operator to grab various goods, quickly and effortlessly.

Truck and Container Unloader: Are you unloading boxes from containers, or heavier goods, such as large bags or car tires? If you’re using a UniMove mobile vacuum lifter, then that is no problem. Using an efficient lifting solution will give you a great return on your investment by increasing your business productivity, providing a safe work environment, and allowing anyone and everyone the power to lift.

Conveyor to Pallet: The speed at which goods are picked from a conveyor and transported to a pallet will have an important effect on the success of your logistic process. Our lifting solutions give you the ability to grab and move goods quickly and effortlessly.

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