While many people look to vacuum lifting for the ergonomic and economic benefits, an often-forgotten benefit of utilizing vacuum lifters is increased productivity. Productivity can be defined by a number of measurements that management teams commonly use to monitor the performance of their warehouse operations. Often, leadership is looking to increase productivity with the use of products that can decrease the amount of repetitive and tedious tasks an employee is performing. Or, they may be looking to invest in a solution that reduces worker exposure to dangerous duties. Either way, vacuum lifters are a proven tool that can be used to increase productivity.

How to Increase Productivity with Vacuum Lifting

Vacuum lifting systems eliminate the need for unsafe and time-consuming lifting mechanisms in warehouse environments. While pulley systems and chains are often used for lifting scenarios and are known to reduce over-lifting, they often require extended downtime between lifts because of set-up. In contrast, vacuum lifting systems require no downtime between lifts and seldom require any maintenance. These systems can easily lift hundreds of pounds quickly and safely, in contrast to the struggle and muscle it would take at least 2 workers to lift the same amount.

In addition to lifting more quickly, vacuum lifting systems increase productivity because it frees up workers to do more complex jobs. When employees are free from monotonous tasks, they can perform higher level functions to help increase productivity through other avenues of work. Reducing manual labor and replacing human workers with mechanics is a great way to improve the quality of work as well as the morale of workers.

How the UniMove Can Increase Productivity

The UniMove lifting system, designed with USDA/FDA compliant stainless steel and neoprene gaskets, provides the highest lifting capabilities, superior quality, and versatility to respond with unique solutions to many old problems. Along with its ability to easily lift hundreds of pounds, its combination vacuum and mechanical attachments allow it to lift in even the most unusual handling scenarios. In addition, its low maintenance design reduces downtime and requires little upkeep. Occasional air filter replacements and replacement gaskets keep it running at top performance.

The UniMove also increases productivity because it is easy and ergonomic to use. The Automatic Balance Control balances any load at any chosen height without the operator having to adjust controls. Plus, the Grip Enhancers can be utilized for safe control of very light objects, making it an ideal lifting solution for lifts of any size. Finally, its control design naturally positions loads away from the operator’s body for additional safety. All these features save on downtime due to injuries as well as malfunction, making The UniMove the ultimate productivity system.

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UNIMOVE, LLC. is the original US manufacturer of ergonomic vacuum tube lifters. Our attention to even the smallest details and our drive for constant advancement is a testament to our corporate philosophy: innovation, performance, and reliability. If you are ready to decrease downtime and increase the productivity in your warehouse, contact us today! Check out our patented solutions here to see what UNIMOVE, LLC. has to offer.

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