It’s a common misconception that implementing lifting machinery into the workplace is an attempt to replace human workers. However, in reality, a majority of the equipment that is used within warehouses and factories is meant to improve the working environment for human workers. So, why is it that 37% of workers between the ages of 18 and 24 are worried that technology will eliminate their jobs? The younger generation has a great understanding of technology and its potential to impact business, but perhaps doesn’t understand the importance of the human worker.

Today, we will explore why employees shouldn’t fear implementing lifting machinery, such as The UniMove, into the workplace. In fact, it may just prove to be more beneficial than you may think.

Jobs Are Too Complex for Lifting Machinery

Yes, technology has advanced over the years, but let’s discuss how many lifting machines can function without a human controlling it…none. While yes, lifting machines can take away the physical job of lifting, there is always a human counterpart controlling it. So, instead of replacing a worker, the lifting machinery is simply making a worker’s job easier to complete.

While these kinds of machines are great at repetitive lifting tasks, they are not designed to function alone nor do they have the physical dexterity or fine motor skills to completely replace a human worker. Jobs are simply too complex for machinery to do without a human operator.

Alleviating Mundane Tasks Makes for Better Workers

The jobs that are taken over by lifting machinery does not take away every single task from a worker, it simply alleviates the mundane tasks. These tend to be low-value, repetitive, and cognitively unrewarding tasks (source). This therefore creates more time for workers to focus on value-adding duties instead of repetitive ones. Often, you’ll see increased employee morale and an improved work-ethic, making machinery a win/win for both the employee and the workplace.

Along with the cognitive benefits of removing mundane, repetitive tasks from employees, there’s also a safety benefit. As we have spoken about in a previous blog, ergonomic lifting machinery can help reduce workplace injuries by removing repetitive and dangerous tasks from the employee’s docket.

Increase Efficiency and Reap Economic Benefits with Lifting Machinery

Lifting machinery can lift and lower loads at extremely fast speeds, speeds that their human counterparts simply cannot attain. Because of this, implementing a solution like The UniMove can increase efficiency and provide huge economic benefits for businesses. Even with a cost up-front, the increase efficiency often translates into more revenue, and therefore a quick ROI (return on investment).

Plus, time saved for employees means that they can be working on higher level projects that could continue to boost productivity. If you are looking for a lifting solution to help increase efficiency while still providing job security for your employees, consider The UniMove. Its stainless-steel construction ensures years of quality performance to support your efforts and your employees. If you are ready to start embracing rather than fearing the future of lifting machinery, contact us today!

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