Lift Tubes

Unimove introduces the latest in copolymer vacuum lifter tubes!

UNIMOVE, LLC introduces the first copolymer resin tube for vacuum tube lifters. Called the Rhino Tube, it is a significant improvement in the overall quality and reliability for any vacuum lift system. It is the perfect complement for the UniMove’s standard all stainless steel construction.

We can accomodate all diameter models of tube lifters.

UniMove is the original “Made in America” vacuum tube lifter and has been the benchmark of the industry for over 22 years. At that time UniTech introduced a new lift tube construction which consisted of high tensile wire enclosed in neoprene impregnated cloth, and an outer wrap of polyester tape. This was the highest technology of the time, but the tube was still one of the more frequently replaced components for all vacuum tube systems. It was particularly sensitive to skewing if the end-effectors or the loads were unbalanced.

Two years of feedback validates that the Rhino tube has a life span at least 5-6X greater than the old lift tube construction, and Rhino tubes do not skew.

UniMove’s new copolymer casing is a major advancement in resilience and reliability. It can perform up to 1MM flexes, has an operating range of -40 deg. F to 240 deg. F, and it is totally inert to chemical attack… which makes it perfect in washdown areas.
UNIMOVE offers the Rhino Tube at a lower cost than the old neoprene cloth tubes.

The Rhino Tube cannot be field-cut like the former cloth tubes. It is available in standard lengths of 108″ and 120″, and can be ordered in any custom length to match existing tubes.

The new tube technology includes integral fitted cuffs which allow for fast and easy mounting.

The new Rhino Tube is available in UNIMOVE’s exclusive Hi-Viz yellow, which is the safest color when moving product within a process area.

The Rhino Tube is available for ALL EXISTING LIFT TUBE DIAMETERS… 4.7″ (120mm); 5″ (130mm); 5.5″ (140mm); 6.25″ (160mm); 7″ (180mm); 8″ (200mm); 10″ (250mm)

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