October is National Ergonomics Month, and here at UNIMOVE, LLC, we know that’s something to celebrate! Ergonomics is the science that coordinates the design of devices, systems and physical working conditions with the capacities and requirements of the human worker. In simplistic terms, ergonomics focuses on creating a safe and efficient workplace environment.

Why Ergonomics?

In any enterprise, employee safety should be a number one priority. An understanding of ergonomics helps in the prevention of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs). According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), work-related MSDs are among the most frequently reported causes of lost or restricted work time. By providing ergonomic solutions within the workplace, employers can not only reduce the probability of MSDs occurring, but can provide a safe place for their employees to work and flourish, therefore reducing lost work time.

While many executives shy away from ergonomic initiatives because of high costs and extensive guidelines, this doesn’t have to be an intimidating solution. Simple, affordable steps can be taken to help improve ergonomic practices at your business and make your employees feel safer in their environment.

Optimize Your Budget – The Cost of Ergonomics

While many ergonomic solutions can seem pricey, there is a lot of value and even possible cost-savings involved when you invest in workplace safety, including:

  • Decreased Compensation Costs – studies have shown that MSDs represent 33% of compensation costs. That means that even if up-front costs may not seem worth the investment, you could save a good amount of money in workers compensation by utilizing ergonomics into your workplace.
  • Increased Productivity – MSD cases require 38% more time away from work than the average injury. That means, if you can reduce the likelihood of MSDs, you are less likely to have employees missing work and therefore can increase your productivity. The less work that employees miss, the more time they have to get the job done.

Optimize Your Workspace – Creating Safe Environments

The value of ergonomic solutions extends past a dollar amount – providing a safe work environment benefits performance, too.

  • Foster a Safe Mindset – when businesses provide ergonomic solutions for all people, it allows for employees to have an ergonomic mindset – meaning they feel able to discuss dangerous work situations. Many times, high-level employees may not even be aware of dangerous work environments and may not realize there is a need for an ergonomic solution. Input from people out on the shop or warehouse floor is an integral part of problem identification.
  • Implement Proper Posture – proper posture can be implemented when sitting, standing, or doing both. Ergonomic workstations have the ability to adapt to a worker’s body in order to support proper posture. By making sure that a workspace provides for proper posture, businesses can have a direct positive impact on the health of employees.

Let Us Enhance Your Budget and Workspace

UNIMOVE, LLC can help your business head in the right direction with our ergonomic solutions. We are the original US manufacturer of ergonomic vacuum tube lifters. These economical and efficient products are superior in quality, durability, and reliability to any other lifter on the market, with the highest lifting capabilities in the industry for both porous and non-porous loads. Learn more about our models on our website, or contact us today at unimove@ptd.net.

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