Palletizing was once considered to be a break-through technology in the industrial field, but today it is considered a common practice. Palletization refers to the process of goods or materials being stored and/or transported on a pallet. Pallets are strong slats of metal or wood that are used to support stacks, or cubes, of materials. Why palletize? It’s actually pretty simple – palletization allows you to easily transport multiple boxes quickly and efficiently. Here are the main benefits of palletization:

Benefit #1 – Palletizing Makes Transportation Easier

When boxes are palletized, they are stacked onto the pallet into a large cube, essentially taking many boxes and condensing them into one single unit. Palletizing can save time by making transportation of products significantly easier. Instead of moving each box separately, businesses can move large quantities in one go.

When a pallet of material is shipped, it is easier to keep track of items as well. One large pallet is much harder to lose than one single, small product. Plus, palletizing makes it physically easier to transport products using forklifts or pallet jacks because of their universal size.

Benefit #2 – Palletizing Reduces Waste

How? You guessed it – pallets can be reused and recycled! While some methods of transport are single use, a pallet can be used until it is damaged. A similar transportation method, plastic wrappers, can only be used one time and produce a significant amount of waste. In contrast, pallets can be used over and over again.

In fact, out of the 849 million wood pallets produced in 2016, 341 million were recycled. This is a huge amount of reduced waste and reduced need for supplies, making palletization great for reducing waste materials and lowering the cost associated with transportation.

Benefit #3 – Better Material Handling and Storage

Material handling is significantly easier when products are palletized. Pallets are easier to load, move, and unload. There is a big reduction in the manual handling necessary to move a pallet when compared to the labor required to move non-palletized materials.

In addition, by packing products onto a pallet, you get the added benefit of protection to the materials during handling and storage. There is reduced risk of temperature abuse for perishable products on unrefrigerated docks because they are packed together to keep in the cooler temperature. In addition, there is less risk of product damage because of the condensed packing style.

Where Does The UniMove Come it?

The UniMove is the ideal solution for unloading a pallet. An incredible amount of repetitive handling of incoming raw materials and outgoing finished goods are pallet-loads of cardboard cartons and Kraft paper bags – an easy job for The UniMove to perform.

Not only can it easily lift cartons, pails, and bags ranging from 30-175 pounds and drums up to 600 pounds, but it can also do it quickly and efficiently. The use of our product can reduce the manual handling required to unload a pallet by 50%. The UniMove can easily make 6-10 moves a minute to move significantly heavy packages with ease. If you are ready to start using palletization and The UniMove for better material handling, contact us today!

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