Many people worry about the costs associated with vacuum lifting – initial investment of the equipment as well as the continued expenses associated with maintaining the machinery. So, how does vacuum lifting provide an economic advantage to businesses? It turns out, that though vacuum lifting can seem like a huge investment upfront, they are indeed a money-saving vehicle for the future. This makes them a fantastic asset with a quick ROI (return on investment). Here are the ways that vacuum lifting is both ergonomic and economic.

Improve Productivity with Vacuum Lifting

Improved productivity typically correlates with increased profits. Ergonomic lifting methods have long been associated with heightened efficiency because workers are able to work comfortably and quickly to reach business goals. Therefore, it stands to reason that an ergonomic method such as vacuum lifting will increase productivity by eliminating awkward, painful movements.

Ergonomically designed vacuum lifters are specifically designed to lift heavy loads that may be difficult for humans to lift safely. In addition, they remove the necessary repetitive movements to lift these objects, therefore reducing lift-related back injuries and minimizing operator fatigue. When workers feel confident and safe within their work environment and when machinery can help improve output, increase profits follow.

Decrease the Need for Injury Compensation

Along with increasing the profitability of a workplace, vacuum lifting can create a safer work environment and therefore decrease the possibility of work-related injuries. These injuries often result in workers’ compensations – which are fixed monetary awards given to employees that are injured or disabled while working their jobs. While it is extremely distressful to a workplace to have an employee injured while working, it can also be very expensive.

The most common injury related to heavy-lifting scenarios is back injury. In fact, back pain accounts for almost 20 percent of all workers’ compensation claims. In addition, the average compensation to an employee with back pain is $24,000. By implementing ergonomic lifting methods, employers can decrease the likelihood of these expensive injuries and keep workers safe. Vacuum lifters are designed to eliminate the need for employee heavy, repetitive load lifting by employees, which can therefore decrease the likelihood of heavy-lifting scenarios leading to back injury.

Eliminate Turnover with Vacuum Lifting

As previously mentioned, decreasing the likelihood of injury and creating a safe work environment for employees fosters a higher work morale. Workers are much more likely to be happy and productive in a workplace that they feel respects them and works to keep them safe. Better attitudes lower the turnover rate and make for a happier, more engaged staff.

Turnover and the need to hire new employees can be more expensive than many people realize. Studies have shown that the average cost to hire a new employee is around $4,000, with fulfillment of the position taking around 42 days. The cost of hiring new employees as well as the lost productivity of having an open position can be an expensive situation. By providing a safe work environment with ergonomic options such as vacuum lifters, it is possible to decrease employee turnover rates.

Get Started with the UniMove

The UniMove is an ergonomic vacuum lifter. It is specifically designed to eliminate lifting related back injuries and minimize operator fatigue. The hand controls are fully adjustable and in an orientation that promotes a healthy wrist angle throughout the lifting range. With these ergonomic benefits, you will surely see improved efficiency and increased profits, making the UniMove an extremely economical choice. If you are ready to boost productivity, decrease the need for injury compensation, and eliminate employee turnover, contact UNIMOVE, LLC. today! We can provide you with an ergonomic and economic solution to utilize in your lifting scenarios.

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